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There’s A Dragon In The Library: D&D For Librarians

Note: Unfortunately, we had some connectivity issues today where the speaker was kicked out of Adobe Connect several times. She was able to join back in each time very quickly, and the participants were fabulous and kept the conversation going in chat while she was gone!

Whether you’re the sort of person who knows the dangers of gelatinous cubes firsthand or have never touched a d20 in your life, this introduction to Dungeons & Dragons for librarians will give you the tools to start your own D&D program!

Join us to discuss the basics of building a collection of circulating D&D sourcebooks, digital tools for facilitating online gameplay, and how to run the game yourself or encourage your patrons to run games in your space.

Sadly, Cheetos and Mountain Dew will not be provided, but you will get valuable information and inspiration to help tap your library into this pop culture phenomenon!


About Emily Embry

Emily Embry got her start in libraries as a teenager, and now the Teen Librarian at Bemis Library in Littleton. When she isn’t running the Teen Deck and offering excellent weekly programs, she enjoys playing games (video, role playing, and board), creating art, and riding on scooters with her partner and their adorable dog.