Sharon Morris

Playing Well with Others – At Work

Note: Unfortunately, the recording of this session is unavailable. We wound up with hold music playing through the session (operator error). We may try to offer the session again in the future to capture an archive.

We all know that children learn through play, but what about adults? Research shows that when humans, at any age, play, they learn and grow into healthy, happy, well-functioning individuals. Find out more about the research on play, identify your play style as well as others, and imagine ways to add more play into your work. Perhaps counter-intuitively, your habits of embedding playful work techniques into your day can lead to greater creativity, productivity, and resilience in you and your library. And knowing others’ play styles will help build better teams, collaborative work, and enjoyable work culture.


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About Sharon Morris

Sharon Morris is the Director of Library Development at the Colorado State Library, has a doctorate in Managerial Leadership in Libraries, and MLIS. She is passionate about how library services transform the lives of those they serve as well as the communities with strong library leadership