Partners for STEAM in Libraries: Joining Forces to STEAM Ahead Further and Faster

Beth CristDo you wish to expand your STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Math) programming but not sure how to move forward?

Do you seek to collaborate with STEAM-oriented individuals and organizations in your community?

Are you looking to take your STEAM programs from good to engaging hands-on-fun awesomeness?

If so, please join us for this interactive online session to explore why, how, and with whom to partner on STEAM programming in your library. Learn how to find opportunities to connect with individuals, organizations, and companies willing to share STEAM expertise and resources at libraries for all ages of patrons.

This is not your traditional lecture-style webinar! There will be many opportunities to share your own experiences, ideas, and challenges throughout the webinar, so bring them with you to this online table of like-minded colleagues.


Anne Holland

About Beth Crist and Anne Holland

Beth Crist, Youth & Family Services Consultant at the Colorado State Library, is an advocate for STEAM programming in libraries for all ages of patrons, and for collaborating widely with a diverse array of community partners. Not from a STEAM background, she loves learning more about it and how and why to incorporate more STEAM programming for all ages into the regular library lineup.

Anne Holland, Exhibits and Outreach Manager for the Space Science Institute in Boulder, CO, is a big advocate for libraries and librarians. Her favorite part of her job is helping librarians find easy and cheap activities to do with their patrons, and convincing them that they’re more than capable of doing STEM in their libraries. And with a Master’s degree in space science, she’s very well suited for the task!