Maker MacGyver: School and Library Makerspaces on a Shoestring Budget

Makerspaces and maker programs in libraries don’t have to cost or fortune or require you to be a tech wizard, super hacker, or evil genius in order to be successful. All you really need is an open mind!

Bring your creativity, your grand ideas, your problems, and your questions to an interactive session where we will dream up maker program ideas literally from rubber bands, paperclips, duct tape and more! In addition to programming, we will discuss free and low cost software and hardware, ideas for potential partners, and provide language you can use to justify your would-be makerspace.


Session Slides

What Will You Make – Ideas

About Ashley Kazyaka

Ashley Kazyaka is the Colorado State Library’s resident graphic designer and expert on library makerspaces and all things geeky, and helps coordinate the myriad of projects happening in Library Development.

She volunteers at the Denver Public Library’s ideaLAB, working with teens and their families.

She is not, in fact, actually Iron Man.