Is It Really Dead? How to rescue programs for hard-to-reach communities

Sometimes programs for diverse communities languish, even if they’re a good idea in theory. In this session we will share a simple method for how to get down to the root of the problem of why a program isn’t successful, develop a plan to address the roots of the problem, and evaluate if it should be cut or rescued. We will include case studies from the presenter, and we also invite you to share your thoughts, questions and real life examples from your libraries.


Program Plan Rescue Worksheet (PDF)

Presentation slides

About Simone Groene-Nieto

Simone created cultural and tech programming at the Denver Public Library for roughly ten years before moving to Jefferson County Public Library, where she is the Special Populations Coordinator- fancy talk for Services to Diverse Communities. She served on the leadership team of REFORMA Colorado for four years, and helped create the annual REFORMA Colorado Conference. You can see her events portfolio at