Sharon Morris

Aha! Moments: What they are and how to have more!

(Note: Due to human difficulties, the very beginning of the recording is cut off, but no real content is missed.)

  • Ready to kick 2015 off with a bang?
  • Looking to tap into your creativity in a new way?

Using interactive examples and exercises, participants will learn techniques they can use to expand their thinking. Through this session, you can share your own experiences and discover other methods for increasing creativity and experiencing more insights.

Definition of an Aha! moment:

  • Sudden, meaning unexpected and instantaneous, awareness and understanding of a notion or solution previously incomprehensible.
  • Clarifies with fresh perspective
  • Includes joy and/or satisfaction.
  • Confidence in answer/certainty about future direction.
  • Sometimes the solution seems obvious after the Aha but not before thus giving some folks a sense of chagrin.

Why do insights matter? (PDF)
What Might you do differently in your work? (PDF)

About Sharon Morris

Sharon Morris, is the Director of Library Development at the Colorado State Library, and is working on her doctorate in Managerial Leadership in Libraries PhD program at Simmons College.