A Librarian’s Guide to Solo Leadership: How to lead when you don’t think you have anyone to lead

It’s not always easy to lead an entire organization by yourself. Solo librarians are in the unique position where we are expected to be leaders but we very rarely, if ever, have a staff to lead. This presentation is geared toward the solo librarian or librarians who oversee a very small staff. Through storytelling and anecdotes, I hope to encourage and inspire librarians to take charge of their unique leadership roles within their organizations and discover opportunities to collaborate, learn, and influence others outside of their organization.



About Mandi Miller

Mandi is a graduate of Wayne State University’s School of Information Sciences where she had a dual focus on medical and academic libraries. She has experience in many types of libraries including health sciences, music, public, and academic. For the past three years she has served as a solo librarian at Front Range Community College’s Boulder County Campus. She is active in her state library association having been a member of the fifth cohort of the Colorado Association of Libraries Leadership Institute (CALLI) as well as currently serving as the Community Colleges Representative for the Colorado Academic Library Association (CoALA).