Audio Guide to CSL In Session

CSL In Session events are held in Adobe Connect. The sound portion is via VoIP, so computer speakers or a headset are needed to hear. Attendees contribute via chat, so no microphones are needed.

If you experience issues with audio, which include not hearing any sound, or choppy audio, please go through the following steps to troubleshoot.

1) Go through the meeting connection test.
The meeting connect test at will let you know if a) you have a supported version of Flash player, b) if you can connect to the server, and c) if you have a high enough connection speed to participate.

a) If you don’t have a supported Flash player, you will need to get one in order to participate. Visit for download information.

b) If you aren’t able to connect to our server, you may be behind a firewall that isn’t allowing the connection. You will need to work with your network administrator / IT department to remedy this issue.

c) If your connection speed is too slow to participate, it is possible you don’t have enough bandwidth available at the moment to participate in the session. In this case, you are welcome to view the meeting recording after the session. All recordings are linked here on the CSL In Session site.

2) Check that you can hear other sounds
If you pass the connection test but can’t hear, check that you can hear other sounds through your headset or speakers. Test on a random YouTube video, for example: If you aren’t able to hear sounds there, you won’t be able to hear sounds in Connect.

Check that your headset is plugged in, that it’s working, that you have sound capability on your computer, and that you don’t have your volume muted. It’s a good idea to reboot your computer with your headset plugged in, to see if you can get the computer to recognize the device.

3) Still have choppy audio?
If your audio is choppy, there is, unfortunately, little we can do to solve your issue. VoIP events take bandwidth. Some attendees have slow connections to the Internet, or other things competing for limited bandwidth in one’s organization or via one’s Internet provider.

We optimize our Connect settings to allow for the best experience for the highest number of participants, and individual bandwidth issues are out of our control. For this reason, we typically aren’t able to help when there’s choppy audio for some participants. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, and encourage you to view the archived recording after the session. All recordings are linked here on the CSL In Session site.