Sharon Morris

When a Patron Needs More Than a Book: Transformation has no due date

  • With Sharon Morris and Kieran Hixon
  • Scheduled for 01/18/2018 at 12:30p - 1:00p, Mountain Time
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  • Have you accidentally helped a library patron transform?
  • Are you ready to be an intentional champion for your library users?

Join us as we explore services that make all the difference. Together we will share stories of extraordinary library moments and identify common ways library staff help people grow and learn in transformative ways. Walk away with an understanding of how libraries change lives and gain ideas for what you can do to provide more meaningful library services. Together we will discover how to shift libraries from places of transaction into spaces for interaction, and transformation.

Kieran Hixon

About Sharon Morris and Kieran Hixon

Sharon Morris, is the Director of Library Development at the Colorado State Library, and is working on her doctorate in Managerial Leadership in Libraries PhD program at Simmons College.

As the Technology and Digital Initiatives Consultant for the Colorado State Library, Kieran is passionate about rural libraries. His focus has been on open source software and low cost tech solutions for small rural libraries. He is excited to be an errant librarian on the edges of the digital divide.