Summertime Outreach: Bringing Summer Learning into the Community

Your public library is packed with kids during the summer, and that is excellent! Research shows that those children benefit from your library’s many strong enrichment activities, staff expertise, and collections that go so far in preventing summer slide.

However, there are children in your community that you don’t see in your library that need this same enrichment the most over the summer.

  • How can you find and support them, and provide them with the same rich resources?
  • How can you collaborate with other organizations to help with this effort?
  • How will you possibly find the time and resources to provide outreach services during the busiest time of the year?

Join us for this lively, interactive session and bring your questions, challenges and ideas.


Definition of outreach: Providing library services outside of your library without the expectation that those receiving services will ever come to your library.

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Puff, Puff, Lend: Cannabis Culture and the Library

  • With Jennifer Hendzlik and Aaron Bock
  • Originally aired 11/16/2016
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Got weed? Of course not. But many of your customers do…and they have questions. Where is the best dispensary? Are there any local resources that inform consumers about strains for consumption? What programs are being offered? What materials do you have on growing, cultivating or cooking marijuana and how did you choose them? Is there information on the legalization of marijuana and the nuances of the law?

Libraries across Colorado (and the US) find themselves at a distinct crossroads when it comes to legalized marijuana.

This interactive webinar will help answer questions about the role your library can play in this new wild, wild west.


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Course Correction: Integrating User Feedback to Make Changes Big & Small

  • With Lindsay Roberts and Andrea Reveley
  • Originally aired 09/20/2016
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  • Struggling with getting input from your patrons?
  • Don’t know which suggestions to implement?

We will discuss ways to get to know your users and invite feedback through informal patron suggestions, formal surveys, usability studies, demographic information, as well as building relationships and starting conversations.

After gathering feedback, we have made large changes such as a new ILS and renovated rooms, free or low cost changes such as reconfiguring our space and focusing our collection development efforts on print books instead of eBooks.

Come brainstorm ways to invite, evaluate, and implement patron suggestions to create a user‐centered library experience.



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When You are Engulfed in Flames: Recognizing and overcoming job burnout

Jean Marie Heilig

NoteJob burnout is a response to stress that leaves you feeling hopeless, powerless, despondent and overwhelmed. But, don’t despair you can do something about it! During this session you’ll learn this doesn’t happen overnight. Our bodies and minds do give us warning signs, and if you know what to look for, you can recognize it before exhaustion and ineffectiveness set in. 

Join us to discover if you are at risk or are experiencing job burnout and we will brainstorm what you can do. 


Note: We played the Dealing with Burnout video listed above during the session, but it was not captured in the recording. You can view the video using the link above.


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We Need To Talk: Overcoming the fear of having a difficult conversation

Jean Marie Heilig

When faced with having a difficult conversation do you find yourself procrastinating, back peddling, dodging, panicking, or finding yourself filled with dread?  Whether the conversation is with staff, a patron, your family, or an annoying neighbor this session will help to move you forward. These conversations don’t have to be difficult if you prepare in advance and leave your emotions out of the equation.

Join us for this conversation…about difficult conversations!


Note: We shared two videos during the session that the recording did not capture. You can use the links to the videos below.

  1. How to ask to have the Conversation
  2. Underlying Cause of a Performance Issue


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Weeding Isn’t Sexy, But It Should Be

Weeding is a lot like Fight Club…we don’t like to talk about it. As libraries evolve into community spaces that encourage creativity and participatory experiences, it becomes more and more imperative that the collections we have are an integral part of sparking curiosity. Old, dirty and outdated materials crammed tightly onto shelves is a practice more hoarder than librarian. It’s time to unleash your inner book snob.

Don’t know where to start? Join us for this interactive webinar to gain confidence in building a strong and popular collection that encourages visibility and promotes serendipitous discovery at your library. 

Note: To get the most out of this session, please bring 3-5 books to your desk in order to practice evaluating during this webinar.




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Get ‘er Done! Using 4DX® to Achieve Your Most Important Goals

Originally published in 2012, “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” presents a structured way to ensure that every employee is engaged and successfully working towards an organization’s most important goals. In this interactive webinar, you will be introduced to the four disciplines and discuss how it might apply to your library system, branch or department. Join us as we brainstorm how to turn strategic plans into blueprints for success!



The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals – McChesney, C., Covey, S., & Huling, J. (2012).

Out of the crisis – Deming, W. E. (1986). . Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Advanced Engineering Study.

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Count Your Impact: Getting Started with Outcome-Based Evaluation

Your library offers a lot of great programs, resources, and services, but how can you determine what effects these have on your users?

In this session, you’ll learn practical tips for getting started with outcome-based evaluation. You will gain a deeper understanding of what outcomes are, how to measure them (including an overview of several free and/or low-cost outcome survey tools), and how outcome-based evaluation results can be used for strategic decision-making and demonstrating the impact of your library.

Come prepared with your questions and ideas to share!




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Leading Doesn’t Have to be Loud

If you’re an introvert, you might assume (or you might have been told) that you’re not cut out for leadership. Maybe you think you’re too quiet to lead. Maybe you think that all great leaders need to have larger-than-life personalities. Nothing could be further from the truth. Introverts possess skills that make them valued leaders—skills like listening, relationship building, and thoughtfulness. This session will provide you with practical strategies for turning the strengths you already have into leadership potential. If you’re not an introvert, come learn how you can create a work environment that values all voices, even the quiet ones.


Session Slides (PDF)

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking, by Susan Cain
Me, Myself, and Us: The Science of Personality and the Art of Well-Being, by Brian R. Little

The Introvert’s Corner
Introvert Spring

Brian Little’s TED Talk

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Helping Homeschoolers

  • With Beth Crist, Gail Sohns and Jessica Freeland
  • Originally aired 02/26/2016
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Public libraries are a natural resource for homeschooling families: library staff expertise, spaces, collections, and programs are a critical component of effective homeschooling. But what are promising practices to reach and serve these families? Engage in this interactive webinar to explore this topic through examples from the Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado—a leader in these services—and discussion with colleagues across the country. We’ll look at homeschooling statistics—the ‘why’ of this topic—plus the needs of homeschooling families and how to meet those needs most effectively without duplicating other services available in your community. We’ll also explore how to promote these services to homeschooling families and actively engage them at the library. Come to this free session with your experiences, challenges, questions, and ideas to share.




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