It’s All About Choice, Baby! Flipping the Professional Development Model for Librarians

Amy Pic
  • With Amy Bland and Nannette McMurtry
  • Originally aired 02/26/2015
  • Does the professional development you provide for your staff elicit more groans than cheers?
  • Would you rather offer PD that is useful and engaging?

After years of experimenting, we found a PD model that is more dynamic, offers more choices, and encourages leadership from within the group you are coaching, mentoring, etc. Using a combination of the flipped model and the workshop model, we created PD that puts our librarians in control of their own learning. Come learn how we did it and how to replicate it with your staff, in your own library or library district!

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Docs & Forms




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Aha! Moments: What they are and how to have more!

Sharon Morris
  • With Sharon Morris
  • Originally aired 01/15/2015

(Note: Due to human difficulties, the very beginning of the recording is cut off, but no real content is missed.)

  • Ready to kick 2015 off with a bang?
  • Looking to tap into your creativity in a new way?

Using interactive examples and exercises, participants will learn techniques they can use to expand their thinking. Through this session, you can share your own experiences and discover other methods for increasing creativity and experiencing more insights.

Definition of an Aha! moment:

  • Sudden, meaning unexpected and instantaneous, awareness and understanding of a notion or solution previously incomprehensible.
  • Clarifies with fresh perspective
  • Includes joy and/or satisfaction.
  • Confidence in answer/certainty about future direction.
  • Sometimes the solution seems obvious after the Aha but not before thus giving some folks a sense of chagrin.

Why do insights matter? (PDF)
What Might you do differently in your work? (PDF)

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Summer Reading Refreshed!

Beth Crist
  • With Beth Crist and Lisa Gonzalez
  • Originally aired 12/15/2014


  • Is your summer reading program in need of a boost to re-engage your young patrons (and possibly you and your coworkers)?
  • Are you looking for innovative ways to reach youth that don’t use your library?
  • Have a great spin on summer reading that you want to share with colleagues?

Please join us for this interactive session to exchange ideas to hack the summer reading box. Come prepared to engage in a lively discussion, ask your burning questions, and share your experiences. Resources

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Digital Literacy for Everyone: Going from Tech Averse to Tech Savvy

  • With Crystal Schimpf and Kieran Hixon
  • Originally aired 11/13/2014


Looking for ways to get you and your staff up to speed? If you can figure out Dewey, you can figure out Windows!

This CSL In Session offers practical tips, tools, and techniques to help bridge the digital divide at your library and create a culture of learning around technology. Bring your ideas and issues as we discuss common barriers to learning technology and explore three solutions to help staff become more tech savvy. Participants will walk away with a process and a plan to increase learning in your organization.

Kieran Hixon


Online Resources for Technology

Your Ideas

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Bonding with Your Community: How to Craft Your Library Story

  • With Jim Duncan and Elizabeth Kelsen Huber
  • Originally aired 10/22/2014

“It was a pleasure to burn.” So starts Fahrenheit 451, with a frightening glimpse into a dystopian future — where a fireman’s only calling is to torch books. As a library staff member, did these two sentences elicit a visceral response in you? That’s the power of story. Hook, entice, engage. And in many libraries, opportunities are missed daily — to capture moments, experiences and impacts. In this CSL In Session class, attendees will discuss WHY libraries should be telling stories, along with strategies and tools for using stories as a way to bond with their communities.

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Storytelling Resources:
The Storytelling Non-Profit

Data sources for your story:
US Census
Library Research Service
Percentage Calculator

Libraries Sharing Stories:
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Kent Library District

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It’s Elementary, My Dear Watson: Sharing Evidence of your School Librarian Awesomeness!

  • With Becky Russell and Laura L. Summers, PhD
  • Originally aired 09/24/2014
  • How do you provide concrete, measurable evidence for abstract concepts like leadership and instructional best practice?
  • How can you provide this kind of evidence without adding to an already jam-packed workload?
  • Why is it so important that school librarians do this?

Attendees at this session will learn practical answers to these questions and more.  You will walk away knowing how and why to prove your awesomeness!



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Transitioning from Sage on the Stage to Engaging Learning: Tips and tricks for presenting to adults

Christine Kreger
  • With Christine Kreger
  • Originally aired 08/21/2014


Tired of attending the same old presentations? Want to learn how to truly engage with your audience? Whether delivering presentations online or in person, attendee interaction and engagement are central to learning.

In this highly interactive session we will uncover the power of experiential, collaborative learning, and brainstorm ways to make your presentations more interactive.





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We’re All Tourists Sometime: Learning from libraries who serve both tourists and residents

  • With Kurtis Kelly and Beth Crist
  • Originally aired 07/16/2014


  • Do you work in a public library in a community that sees lots of tourists and wonder how similar libraries serve both their residents and guests?
  • Do you work for a public library in a community that’s trying to attract more tourists?
  • Is your library located in a community that serves a large number of visitors for one or two big festivals or events each year?
  • Are you looking for information about how your library can better entice and serve your community’s guests?

Please join us for this interactive session to learn how libraries in tourist areas promote their services to guests; balance serving residents (both permanent and part-time) and tourists; work with tourism boards; partner with other cultural and recreational organizations; factor visitors into the equations of policies, programs, collections and services; and how all libraries can learn from them to welcome and serve visitors.

Be forewarned-this is not your typical lecture webinar! For this hour, we invite you to interact, share your ideas, ask questions, talk up your successes, and be actively engaged!

Additional Resources:

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Engaged, Embedded, and Enriched Creative Community Connections

  • With your presenters
  • Originally aired 06/17/2014


As libraries seek to redefine themselves in a new information age, libraries must develop strategies for engaging with the community. Traditional programs and services are no longer sufficient; libraries must be creative in building community relationships to help frame positive community growth. Learn how three diverse library systems met the challenge of engaging with their communities to create dynamic connections and develop meaningful partnerships that added value to the library AND the community.


  • Community Engagement: For us this means being making connections and forming partnerships with organizations in our communities. In many cases the partnerships are strategic and mutually beneficial to both organizations.  When the library partners with key organizations in the community… incredible things can happen. Also, we consider community engagement as the umbrella term that the following two definitions fall under.
  • Community Reference: This is a term that the former director of Douglas County Libraries, Jamie LaRue, used to describe the kind of work that librarians can accomplish when they are embedded with community groups. In this situation the library can add significant value to solving of a community problem, project or question thereby raising the value of professional library staff in the community.
  • Embedded Librarian: Embedded librarianship is not a new concept to academic libraries yet it is relatively new for public libraries. For the purpose of our discussion today, embedded librarians are actively connected with a community group or organization. They attend meetings and events hosted by the organization, share library programs/services of interest to the group and may take on a leadership role within the group.



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Tending the Garden of Innovation

  • With Jane Martel
  • Originally aired 05/22/2014
  • Does everyone have the potential to be innovative?
  • What does it take to cultivate your own creativity?
  • What tools could you use to stimulate the growth of new ideas from the group you’re working with?
  • What are three key tools to ensure that your project is grounded in fertile soil?

Learn this and more in this one-hour session!


Opportunity Chart (PDF)

Random Stimulus (PDF)


  • The art of innovation : lessons in creativity from IDEO, America’s leading design firm / Tom Kelley, with Jonathan Littman.
  • Designing for growth : a design thinking tool kit for managers / Jeanne Liedtka and Tim Ogilvie.
  • Innovative intelligence : the art and practice of leading sustainable innovation in your organization / David S. Weiss and Claude Legrand.
  • The innovator’s toolkit: 50+ techniques for predictable and sustainable organic growth/ David Silverstein and Philip Samuel.
  • Solving Problems with Design Thinking: 10 Stories of What Works/ Jeanne Liedtka, Andrew King, and Kevin Bennett.
  • Back of the Napkin/ Dan Roam

Future Trends

What’s New?

Open Innovation Marketplaces

Resources shared by attendees:

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