Count Your Impact: Getting Started with Outcome-Based Evaluation

Linda Hofschire

Your library offers a lot of great programs, resources, and services, but how can you determine what effects these have on your users?

In this session, you’ll learn practical tips for getting started with outcome-based evaluation. You will gain a deeper understanding of what outcomes are, how to measure them (including an overview of several free and/or low-cost outcome survey tools), and how outcome-based evaluation results can be used for strategic decision-making and demonstrating the impact of your library.

Come prepared with your questions and ideas to share!




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Leading Doesn’t Have to be Loud

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If you’re an introvert, you might assume (or you might have been told) that you’re not cut out for leadership. Maybe you think you’re too quiet to lead. Maybe you think that all great leaders need to have larger-than-life personalities. Nothing could be further from the truth. Introverts possess skills that make them valued leaders—skills like listening, relationship building, and thoughtfulness. This session will provide you with practical strategies for turning the strengths you already have into leadership potential. If you’re not an introvert, come learn how you can create a work environment that values all voices, even the quiet ones.


Session Slides (PDF)

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking, by Susan Cain
Me, Myself, and Us: The Science of Personality and the Art of Well-Being, by Brian R. Little

The Introvert’s Corner
Introvert Spring

Brian Little’s TED Talk

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Helping Homeschoolers

Beth Crist
  • With Beth Crist, Gail Sohns and Jessica Freeland
  • Originally aired 02/26/2016
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Public libraries are a natural resource for homeschooling families: library staff expertise, spaces, collections, and programs are a critical component of effective homeschooling. But what are promising practices to reach and serve these families? Engage in this interactive webinar to explore this topic through examples from the Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado—a leader in these services—and discussion with colleagues across the country. We’ll look at homeschooling statistics—the ‘why’ of this topic—plus the needs of homeschooling families and how to meet those needs most effectively without duplicating other services available in your community. We’ll also explore how to promote these services to homeschooling families and actively engage them at the library. Come to this free session with your experiences, challenges, questions, and ideas to share.



 gsohns          jessica

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Restarting your Relationship with your IT Department (and Vice Versa)

  • With Ashley Kazyaka and Christine Kreger
  • Originally aired 01/13/2016
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  • Have you tried turning it off and back on?
  • Is it unplugged?
  • Is the Internet down?
  • Why can’t I just download it myself?

Do these questions define your relationship with your IT department (or conversely IT’s relationship with library staff)? Do you hear (or say) things like this often? You are not alone!

Join us for an interactive and lighthearted session about bridging the communication gap between IT and library staff, so that we all can collaborate and innovate as a team.


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Partners for STEAM in Libraries: Joining Forces to STEAM Ahead Further and Faster

Beth CristDo you wish to expand your STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Math) programming but not sure how to move forward?

Do you seek to collaborate with STEAM-oriented individuals and organizations in your community?

Are you looking to take your STEAM programs from good to engaging hands-on-fun awesomeness?

If so, please join us for this interactive online session to explore why, how, and with whom to partner on STEAM programming in your library. Learn how to find opportunities to connect with individuals, organizations, and companies willing to share STEAM expertise and resources at libraries for all ages of patrons.

This is not your traditional lecture-style webinar! There will be many opportunities to share your own experiences, ideas, and challenges throughout the webinar, so bring them with you to this online table of like-minded colleagues.


Anne Holland

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Graphic Design 101


Learn to entice your patrons and promote your programs with eye-catching, contemporary web and print materials. As well as the basic principles of design, why your library needs a brand, and how to get your library’s staff on board with good design practices. In this interactive and fun program, we will explore tools to use for print and web, highlighting free open-source software. Come away feeling confident that you know you too could make professional grade visual marketing!


Session Slides (Google docs)



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Places that Serve Us Well Every Day, Serve Us Best When Disaster Strikes

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Well poised to disseminate public information, libraries have served as emergency shelters, cooling centers during heat waves, sites for blood drives and inoculations, and a place to fill out electronic relief forms. Libraries have the infrastructure to serve as a health information services portal to emergency responders, the public health workforce, patients, and consumers during disaster.

Join us in a lively discussion about how libraries can actively function as disaster and emergency planning, response and recovery centers by partnering with emergency responders to provide vital resources to the community.


Session Slides


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Individual Programs: Anything but Passive

Individual Program - Poet-Tree
  • With Tori Sparrow, Melissa Mitchell, and Becca Philipsen
  • Originally aired 08/11/2015
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Individual programs have been called many things (self-led, passive, proactive, and more), but one thing remains the same – these are a great way for any library to encourage interaction from people who may not normally attend programs while using less library resources and staff time. Join us for an interactive webinar where you will help lead the discussion. Bring your questions, your previous successes, and even your failures to share with others! Learn how to give your patrons a voice and participate on their own time, regardless of the size of your location or budget.


Web Resources:


Librarian’s Guide to Passive Programming by Emily T. Wichman



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Maker MacGyver: School and Library Makerspaces on a Shoestring Budget


Makerspaces and maker programs in libraries don’t have to cost or fortune or require you to be a tech wizard, super hacker, or evil genius in order to be successful. All you really need is an open mind!

Bring your creativity, your grand ideas, your problems, and your questions to an interactive session where we will dream up maker program ideas literally from rubber bands, paperclips, duct tape and more! In addition to programming, we will discuss free and low cost software and hardware, ideas for potential partners, and provide language you can use to justify your would-be makerspace.


Session Slides

What Will You Make – Ideas

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Minding Your Own Business: Library services for businesses and entrepreneurs


Libraries are often great at meeting the individual needs of their patrons, both inside the library and out. But, how well are we serving the businesses in our communities? Come join us for a discussion on the different ways libraries can serve the businesses and entrepreneurs who live and work on our communities. Learn and share ideas about making your library the go-to resource for business people in your community.


Successful Business Program Ideas

  • Offer QuickBooks Classes
  • Local bankers offering quarterly financial literacy programs at the library
  • Partnered with SCORE/SBA to do quarterly business programs


  • Lack of flexibility with city or other website
  • Demand on staff time (outreach vs. desk time)

Marketing Business Resources

  • Word of Mouth
  • Flyers
  • Inviting community stakeholders
  • Press releases
  • Social Media
  • Community Calendars
  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Local Newspaper
  • Radio
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